1949 Yasuo Sugiura (founder) establishes Sugiyasu Ironworks in Hekinan City, Aichi, Japan.
Sugiyasu commences production of grease pumps.
1958 Sugiyasu Ironworks Co., Ltd. is established.
1958 Production of hydraulic lifts for automobile repairs commences.
1964 Sugiyasu moves to newly-built head office and main plant at Takahama City.
1971 Sugiyasu commences production of distribution machinery.
1973 Sugiyasu Industries Co., Ltd. is established.
1975 The Nishio plant is completed.
1980 Sugiyasu is honored by the Governor of Aichi
for excellence in the category of small- to medium-scale manufacturing enterprises.
1982 SUGIYASU OF AMERICA INC. is established as a U.S. subsidiary,
to serve as a sales arm for the U.S.A.
1984 Sugiyasu's manufacturing plant is honored as a "model of rationalization
for small- to medium-scale companies" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
1988 BISHAMON INDUSTRIES CORP. (B.I.C.) is established as a U.S. subsidiary,
to serve as a production arm for the U.S.A.
SUGIYASU INTERNATIONAL CORP. (S.I.C.) is established as a U.S. subsidiary,
to serve as a management company.
1989 The company's trading name is changed from Sugiyasu Industries Co., Ltd.,
to Sugiyasu Corporation, in line with the introduction of CI;
Sugiyasu diversifies into the business of home welfare equipment.
1991 Sugiyasu diversifies into the business of environmental conservation equipment.
1992 The Fukushima plant is completed.
1998 The Kariya taxation office acknowledges Sugiyasu for excellence in filing corporate tax returns.
1998 Sugiyasu acquires ISO9001 certification.
2000 Relocation of Tokyo Branch Office; reopens as the Tokyo Branch Technical Center.
Sugiyasu purchases the Welfare and Environment Business Division of Remotex Co., Ltd.
2001 Sugiyasu branches out into the security appliance industry.
Inauguration of Taiwan Bishamon Industries Co., Ltd.
2002 Sugiyasu Corporation and Sugiyasu Industries Co., Ltd., merge.
2003 Sugiyasu acquires ISO14001 certification.
2010 Sugiyasu Corporation acquires Wireless-Design Inc.
2013 The mega-solar facility is completed in the Fukushima plant.
2013 Taiwan Bishamon Industries Co., Ltd. relocates and establishes their new plant.