Environmental Philosophy

Sugiyasu is committed to working to maintain and improve the earth's environment, and to contributing to the conservation of the earth's environment and the general good of our society through its actions.

Environmental Philosophy

Environmental Policy

Based on its status as a company involved in developing, manufacturing, and marketing automotive
maintenance, distribution, environmental, and residential healthcare products, Sugiyasu Corporation
is committed to an ongoing program of improvement based on the following policies.

1 To work through its business activities towards the maintenance and improvement of
a healthy environment by preventing environmental pollution, conserving resources and energy,
and reducing waste products.
2 To comply with environmental regulations and official guidelines, guidance, and controls.
3 To establish environmental objectives and targets, review them once annually,
and work continually to maintain and improve the environment.
4 To work to develop environmentally responsible products and encourage activities designed
to reduce negative environmental consequences, particularly through product development
and marketing in the environmental equipment business.
5 To ensure that all employees understand and act in accordance
with the basic tenets of the company's environmental policy.
6 6. To publicize this environmental policy on the company website and by other means.

March 28, 2011
Sugiyasu Corporation
Yasutoshi Sugiura
Chief Executive Officer